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Great game

I love this game



Like the real thing



Great game

Video poker

Love playing!

Skills trainer

Don't waste your $5/month. Skills trainer doesn't actually give optimal plays.

Fun and fast passed


Fun for a need for poker

I enjoy the relaxed way of just playing.

Video poker

This is as close as it gets to the real thing in Vegas.

The Go-To Video Poker Game!

After several years, Tapinator’s Video Poker Classic is still my Go-To video-poker game on iPhone / iPad. They have all the best machines...exactly like Vegas!!


Dope....!!!! 😎😎😎

Simply entertaining

Just got back from Vegas with the girlfriend and stumbled upon this fun game like the quarter slots we played on. Better than spending real money on the real one lol


Always fun like Vegas

Fun diversion


So far, so good

Just used it for a few minutes, but so far so good. Could use a training function, that tells you when you're making mistakes and corrects you. Also, it appears that I may have to buy more chips when I run out. If that happens, I'll be done with it. But fun so far.

Just left Vegas

.....needed my wife's phix


Fun! Something to do when you get tired of reading on a plane.

Great game

I like this game it's really enjoyable

Awesome fun!

Quick, fun and easy.....great way to spend a lazy afternoon.

I may have a problem...

...but playing something where I don't go through my life savings sure helped! Usually, I'd take my weekly earnings to whichever casino was closest and ... :( Now, I get all the fun without the sorrow afterwards! Even if I run out of credits, I'll spend $5 and get to play for a few more hours! Thank you!

Vegas Feel

Love this app. I lose as easily on it as I do in Las Vegas.

Just the kind of game I like

This is a great game for free. It gives you the option to buy more credits. But for me that is not necessary. Great mindless fun.

Viva Las Vegas

This game has a real casino feel without losing your hard earned $$$$$!

So far so good - just like original

Great just like at a casino



Great video poker app!!

Fun application. I really love it.

Great fun

Just an enjoyable game that will help you enjoy down time

Great game

Tens or better is awesome! Great realistic graphics!

So far, so good

Good graphics, now to see if it's just a credit drainer

Fun to Play

Very entertaining


I miss the old video poker machines so this one is good fun.

Vegas style

Game plays like the real vegas. Since not real money wish it would hit more big wins. And bigger bonuses for return players

I'm back in Reno!

At least that what it feels like! Love the ambient casino sounds. Great game!!


Lots of gun


Fun game to pass the time

Good fun

👍🏻👌🏻 good game

Fun game

Great game. Lots of fun and good value in buying chips or you get plenty free also!

Fun game

Just like being at the casino but you don't lose money! Haha

Nice game

Like to pass the time playing this game.

Five bucks every month for trainer

The game itself is great quality. But they want $4.99 every month to enable the trainer. How about one fixed purchase price?

Good play!

I enjoy these games......they keep me sharp between trips to Vegas.

Good game terrible customer support

I enjoy the game very much and use it as practice before I head to Vegas or my local casinos. My problem is, I purchased two 300000 packs for $19.99 each but never received them on my account. Informed them of both instances but never got it fixed. Boris kept requesting additional information some repeatedly after I had already sent it. This has gone on for 5 weeks. I forwarded emails directly from iTunes showing receipts as well as copied them to the countless emails we exchanged. Boris sent me three useless coupon codes then asked me to make additional purchases to verify it wasn't a problem on my end. I did purchase another pak for $1.99 then again Boris asked me for copies of my invoices from iTunes. See the circle they create to finally get you to file a dispute with apple so they can keep the funds. Think again before purchasing any game packs from this program.

Cheats on double down

After winning a hand you get a chance to double the winnings. You should have at least a 1-in-4 chance to get the high card, however that is not always the case. Sometimes none of the available cards can beat the up card, so I have zero chance and that my friend is a FAIL in every sense of the word. Fix that in your next update!


Love it! Just like Vegas!!

Video poker classic

Great game


Great game

Love the games, but

$5 bonus every four hours is a joke. It doesn't last.

Found my game

Just downloaded recently. So far I am really enjoying. Love Video Poker and this site has all the games!


I remember this game way back in windows 95 still works great thank you five stars thanks

Good game!

Plays a lot like the real deal.

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